Kenneth Kelleher's AKASHA I


With an emphasis on mark-making, écriture (gestural scripts), manipulated symbols, and ancient, contemporary, and futuristic alphanumerics, Mr. Kelleher forms an expressive personal vocabulary. Visual language and markings in many forms are important design elements that are paraphrased and at times rendered abstractly or expressionistically to create a perception that is at once familiar and yet unknowable.

There may be a suggestion of ancient writs or tablets whose messages have been obscured by time. They hint at an esoteric discourse, or ambiguous, graffiti-like messages that challenge the viewer to decipher the secrets within this enigmatic and artful domain, and encourage a thoughtful engagement and aesthetic encounter.

The work is often structured in a square framework and developed in a serial format; each component piece, existing as an independent work. Modest in scale with a monochromatic palette, these works forge a subtly compelling and contemporary graphic idiom, exemplifying a delicate balance of scale, medium, and process that invites scrutiny and contemplation.

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